My bee friends


Checked on the bees and their honey production today.  They weren't too ticked off that we invaded their home by opening up the hive to check on the honey.  Honestly they took it rather well.  Not like the time I ran the lawn mower in the wrong direction in front of their hive and it sprayed some grass clippings inside the door.  About 100 bees came streaming out the front opening, it was like they were saying "what the heck are you doing".  Like Bill the honey boy said "you wouldn't like it if someone dumped grass clipping in your house, would you".  So true.

Have to wait a while longer and hope they finish filling it up.

Last year was a brutal year for the bees, and my first year in the bee business.  They didn't produce well, and then we had the worst cold that we have ever seen here.  My bees made it until February, and then, well I think it was just too cold for too long.  sigh.  Bill had asked me if I was was going to try it again.  I said "of course".  He said "you don't give up very easily do you".

No Bill, I don't.....