fair fun is over


We had loads of fun at our fair. 

My week starts with the 4-hers bringing in herb, patio pots, geraniums, and hanging baskets.  they are brought in, and then judged the next day.  I enjoy being co-asst. superintendent with Floreine.  She keeps me laughing, and on my toes.  We also solve all the worlds problems that day, or at least we try. 

Then I flip over to being Superintendent for the Open class Vegetables.  This is where my heart is--<3 due to the fact that this was also one of Bob's position when he was on the fair board.  

I also take care of two coasterwagon shows during the week.  Then, I also go over and help in the Grandstands, picking on Stan Diroff whenever I can.  Once during the week, we all take turns having gate duty after the fair closes, and my station at AA gate is with Larry Hammons. For me this year,  the highlight was my speaking engagement during the the Ladies day program.  I talked about the some of the soaps, lotions, and cleaning supplies that I make and use.  It was so much fun, and I love helping people learn a new skill.  Stan and Christopher tried to come and throw me off by picking on me from afar, but I stayed focused.  Those silly boys. 

I love my work with the fair, and hope you can visit sometime.  After all we have Michigans finest fair.

p.s.  We lost Larry last week, and his funeral was Friday.  You couldn't have met a finer, moral, upstanding person.  He was always calm and great a resolutions. 

I met Larry 30 years ago when I started dating my dh.  But it would be years later when he would show his angel wings.  When Bob got sick, Larry was so kind to us.  He has always taken time to talk to my kids. Then after Bob died and I took over his position on the fair board, he was my go to guy as I learned the workings of the board. 

As we would sit at AA gate saying goodbye to all the people that were leaving--we would talk.  Just this year, he asked me about the kids as he always does, then he told me what HE thought of my kids.  He said that they had turned out great, and that I had done a very good job.  He could see that they were very hard workers, and he said he thought a lot of them.  Thank you for that Larry, it means so much to me.  Larry was good at giving me advice in the years that I was raising kids as a single mom.  He was such a huge supporter. 

Then he gave me an even greater compliment when he said "you know, it is so good to see your kids volunteering all these years around the fair, and I can tell they really like it". "I would like see, especially, Christopher continue on here.  We need more young people.  Larry was a VERY good friend to our little family.